G++ undefined reference to non virtual thunk

2019-09-21 00:20 I try to compile ORBacus. Build fails with. liblibIDL. so: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to. lib

Once the symbol is located and is in a library (since the undefined reference is from a library, it is likely that the missing symbol is in a library, too), you need to make sure that the library with the missing symbol is specified after the one referencing it. g++ undefined reference to non virtual thunk

Re: c4122: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to ' From: Robert Boehne; To: Jason Merrill; Cc: gccgnats at gcc dot gnu dot org, gccprs at gcc dot gnu dot org, juergen at monocerus dot demon dot co dot uk, boehme at informatik dot huberlin dot de, loewis at informatik dot huberlin dot de, gccbugs at gcc dot gnu dot org

undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to est une erreur qui peu tait rencontre, j'ai donc du mal obtenir des infos dessus. Je vais chercher du cots des mocs mais si quelqu'un a une ide je suis preneur (mme si l'ide est idiote, ne soyer pas timide ). g++ undefined reference to non virtual thunk

I got an error saying undefined reference to 'virtual thunk to myClass: : myFunction' For a library i'm trying to create. Here's my code: myClass. cpp: # include The C FE marks the virtual function as TREEPUBLIC but neither sets TREESTATIC nor DECLEXTERNAL. Thus probably should reject DECLEXTERNAL symbols, not! TREESTATIC symbols. c4122: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to ' To: gccgnats at gcc dot gnu dot org; Subject: c4122: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to From: michael at ritzert dot de; Date: 25 Aug 2001 10: 45: 02 0000; ReplyTo: michael at ritzert dot de g++ undefined reference to non virtual thunk GCC undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to# 2285. Open ThetaSinner opened this Issue May 3, 2018 2 comments I think this comes from the fact that you are compiling the antlr runtime with a different version of g than the application you are trying to Subject: Re: c4122: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to ' Organization: Ricardo Software Hello, I have generated a patch which fixes PR4122 in the 3. 0 branch. I have read the flowing question and the answer, but I don't solved my problem. How to troubleshoot: undefined reference to nonvirtual thunk to

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